Global Research News Hour - 02/26/13


Investigative Journalist and former LAPD officer Mike Ruppert explains the significance of the Chris Dorner story in the framework of the power of the US Police State. Richard Gage and Peter Drew discuss an upcoming Court case in the UK that could signal a breakthrough for the 9/11 Truth movement. Former Georgia Congress Woman and Presidential candidate Cynthia McKMinney talks about her background in the context of Big Money corruption and control of the US political framework, Part one of two.

Global Research News Hour - America’s War - Ten Years after Colin Powell - 02/11/13


Ten Years after former Secretary of State Colin Powell made the case for war against Iraq in front of the UN Security Council, we examine the evidence of war crimes perpetrated by both the George W Bush administration and the Barrack Obama Administration. And we also hear from Iraq War veteran and US army deserter Joshua Key about finding sanctuary in Conservative Canada.

Global Research News Hour - Smearing 9/11 Truth and Profitting from Israeli Apartheid - 02/04/13


First, a conversation with Winnipeg based journalist Lesley Hughes. A journalist who ran for the Liberal Party of Canada as one of their star candidates in the 2008 election was turfed and smeared as an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist. This was after an old article of hers came to light seriously questioning the official story of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Later on, Richard Sanders of the Coalition Opposed to the Arms Trade shares his research about the extent to which Canadians unwillingly and unknowingly benefit from pension funds invested in the Israeli military and security appartus. We end the show with Stephen Lendman explaining the dangerous result of the last Israeli elections.


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