The Ottawa Shootings: Advancing a Political Agenda with False Flag Terror? - 11.24.14


This episode of the Global Research News Hour takes a closer look at the  October 22 Ottawa Shootings with guests Richard Sanders of the Coalition Opposed to the Arms Trade and Barrie Zwicker, author, journalist and media critic.

Sanders explains that there are parallels between the way the Harper government is capitalizing on the Ottawa shootings to advance a militarization of domestic and foreign policy, and the way the Borden government of 1914 used the first World War to undermine the rights of Eastern European immigrants and other ‘undesirables’ seen as a threat to the capitalist order of the day.

Barrie Zwicker goes one step further and makes the case that the shooting by lone gunman Michael Zehab-Bibeau may have been a false flag. That is, aided and abetted by elements of the State and Security apparatus. Among the issues he touches on in this discussion are the “lone nut” sceneario, common to many false flag situations, indications of fore-knowledge and a cover-up on the part of US media, and the prospects of US covert involvement in the event.

This interview is largely based around his recent article for Truth and Shadows, now posted on the Global Research website.

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